Employee Development

Become a life-long learner at First American.

No matter where you are in your career, at FAI, you will always be empowered to further develop your skills and expand your knowledge through a wide range of courses and resources customized as per your specific needs.

FAI employees are expected to play an active role in their own development through continuous learning. Hence, we seek to employ people who never stop improving by pushing their limits.

Our learning programs and resources are designed to enhance our employees’ career growth and help them realize their full potential.


Our systems are designed to help employees familiarize themselves with our company from the first day. Hence, the on-boarding starts with our new hire induction program.

Performance Management

We’ll work with our employees to help them develop their strengths and manage their weaknesses. FAI is committed to a solid performance management practice that serves as the foundation for the development offered to our employees.

  • Institutionalize continuous improvement
  • Encourage participation and continued learning
  • Focus on the developmental needs of the employees
  • Provide a common platform for skill and knowledge building
  • Help employees unleash their potential and identify their strengths
  • Create value added and innovative learning interventions

Our Programs

Some of our programs include corporate etiquette, communication skills, motivation at work, management basics, team work, building effective leadership skills, leading change and emotional competence.

Join FAI and you’ll have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice, develop new skills, and grow as a professional.