Employee Benefits

Healthcare Benefits: We provide comprehensive medical and accident insurance benefits to our employees. The medical insurance coverage extends up to five of the employee's immediate dependents. The company covers the employee under this scheme and the premium for the immediate dependents is borne by the employee.

Paid Holidays: First American (India) observes calendar holidays apart from leaves and weekly offs. In addition, employees are eligible for paid leave for every month of continuous work which can either be carried forward to the next financial year or encashed quarterly.

Retirals: We conform to statutory requirements and provide employees with the Employee Provident Fund Schemes, as well as Employees Gratuity Benefits payable as per the provisions of the applicable acts.

Education Certification: We are committed to ensuring that our employees are provided with suitable opportunities for personal and professional growth. The benefits include tuition fee assistance, educational certifications and requisite support to employees based on an eligibility criteria. Certificate reimbursements help scale up skill sets of employees in accordance with the changing needs of the company's business.

Learning and Development: ‘Learning at the speed of need' powers FAI as a workplace today. We ensure that an employee's development is tied in with the growth of the organization by identifying current and future skills gaps and embedding corporate values every step of the way. Our employees embark on a learning journey with access to a wide and diverse array of interventions, ranging from formal class room events, e-learning, simulation-based learning and on-the-job training that includes coaching and mentoring, job rotations, stretch assignments. Immersive and innovative interventions like theatre-style learning & Flip Class to outbound/ experiential learning approaches are also offered to employees with the goal of imparting necessary knowledge, skills, capabilities, behaviors and attitudes which drive efficiency, alignment, agility, and business impact across the board.

Internal Job Posting: Our internal job posting program is a structured mechanism for facilitating movement and development of talented employees seeking job and career advancement within the organization. It also provides all employees an opportunity to move into different roles and domains across the organization and encourages continuous learning.

Referral Bonus Program: We encourage our employees to refer their friends and relatives whom they believe would strengthen our combined efforts toward building a successful company. Employees referring these candidates are eligible for a referral bonus, payable after 90 days of successful service.

Transport: We currently provide daily pickup or drop facility to all employees working in different shifts within Bangalore City limits. The cost of transportation is borne by the company.

Promotional Schemes and Tie-ups: We have partnered with restaurants, eateries, showrooms, cellular phone service providers, banks, and financial institutions to provide our employees with special deals at discounted rates.

Creche Facility for Working Parents: We have an in-house Creche facility for all the working parents so that they can work as well as be close to their children. Employees can avail this for 8 hours/day as per their schedule.