Data & Analytics Group (DNA)

Data & Analytics is leading the trend of virtualization with robust data and smart analytics, fueling best-in-class solutions to make real estate services faster, efficient, and transparent.

Managed by the Data & Analytics Group (Formerly Database Solutions group), our global database contains 100% of the U.S. housing stock property data. This includes 7 billion document images and 500+ title plants with over 1 billion current and historical real estate transactions. Our parent organization offers data-based products and services that are related to real-estate and recorded document information.

FAI supports these products and service offerings though IT development and services. With over 20+ years of expertise in back-office support, the DNA group in India has established itself as a global hub of knowledge and operations.

IT Development

Enables title and settlement services companies to quickly access and search documents. The team provides advanced and accurate real estate title search products and solutions through technology support and key database support, which is crucial to provide 24/7 access to large databases.

Legal Services

Every day, thousands of title insurance companies rely on title history information, tax data, recorded property data and land record images of major US metropolitan areas which are processed on a priority basis by our BPO teams.

Established in 1994, we began with legacy projects and online processes like Scan on Demand. Today, we are a center of excellence and the global hub of operations with key focus on database expansion, continuous improvement and global service delivery.