Light a Life

FAI is deeply motivated to make a positive difference and is dedicated to being responsible corporate citizens. Our Light a Life trust was founded to give our CSR dreams wings and make a difference in the lives of people. We, at FAI, are dedicated to giving back to the community as well as environment and uplifting lives through our initiatives.

FAI strives to extend its core values of commitment, integrity, trust and care to the community and environment that we are part of. While our CSR goals are many, at present we are dedicated to supporting trusted nonprofit organizations that work for educating children, enabling farmers and saving our environment. Our Light a Life initiative also includes adopting and nurturing educational institutions. We are also motivated to empower women educationally and economically from distressed backgrounds.

Our Light a Life initiative brings the FAI family together through the common causes that we strive to work for and sustain. FAI and all its volunteers commit to invest in programs, community development, educational institutions and relationships.

Light a Life draws its support and strength from the FAI family and we hope to continue on this path of changing lives together.

Aspiring a change by empowering people and lighting lives.

CSR Committee

  • Giridhar Rajagopal
  • David Hancock
  • Geraldine Ramezani

Light A Life & An FAI Foundation Projects 2021


Adolescent Education Programme
Enabling 2000 adolescents to complete secondary education with high levels of life and employability skills. To reduce dropouts and increase educational aspirations

Technology-Enabled Teacher Empowerment
Address the inequity in education by offering teacher capacity-building solutions to 40 teachers Aim to impact approximately 1200 students over a year.


Miyawaki Afforestation
To plant Ten thousand five hundred local and native varieties of tree saplings (more than 50 varieties). Bring the lost flora and fauna and set-up ecological balance.

Restoration of Doddannana Kere, Bannerughatta Forest Range
Recharge of groundwater, flood mitigation and erosion control, Creating a habitat for diverse flora and fauna and improving the eco-climate.


Providing early childcare for children of construction workers
Create a safe environment and provide nutrition and basic education. 40 children and their mothers through the establishment of a mobile creche